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Oblivion Masks by AlwaysDrm Oblivion Masks by AlwaysDrm
My entry for the Seventh Sanctum Anime Mania contest.

Oblivion Masks (2010)

In Venice, Italy during the 1500's, eight masks were made. Each with the power to give a wearer an ability to take memories of others with a single touch. In doing so, the wearer becomes stronger physically and mentally. In return, however, the mask absorbs the memories of it's wearer. The only way to keep his/her memories is to never take the mask off. Without it, all is lost and forgotten in an oblivion. The Mascherari then deemed their creations too dangerous, and thus ordered the masks destroyed. Little did they know, there was someone who wouldn't allow that to happen. The Oblivion Masks were secretly moved to Japan.

In modern-day Japan, Tadaaki has worn an Oblivion Mask for nine years. He's on a quest to find and destroy the Oblivion Masks. To stop those who take memories of the people all around them and crave the power of their own masks. Tadaaki also hopes, in destroying the masks, he can reverse the damage he's caused. Tadaaki is joined by Kazuno, girl who wishes to help him at all costs. Even if it means giving up her own memories...

Oshiro Tadaaki (originally voiced by Ishikawa Nozomu) found an Oblivion Mask when he was 11. After putting it on, he learned the hard way of the consequences that come it. Now 20-years-old, he won't touch anyone. Tadaaki wears gloves and long-sleeved shirts for the fear of accidentally touching someone. He can never take his mask off because all the memories of his past were lost to the mask long ago. He wants to destroy the other masks before innocent peoples' lives become like his: a life of loneliness and suffering.

Yamazaki Kazuno (originally voiced by Chiba Wakana) is an 18-year-old girl who met Tadaaki by chance. After discovering the truth about the Oblivion Masks, and having a close encounter with a power-hungry Wearer, Kazuno decided that she wants to help Tadaaki find the other masks. She's also an expert in Kendo and Karate.

Anime series adaption of the manga. The artist first got this idea after she was in an accident and suffered from temporary amnesia.

Tadaaki, Kazuno and Oblivion Masks (c) me.
Aura-Alora Featured By Owner May 23, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very nicely done!! I hope you win! :excited:
AlwaysDrm Featured By Owner May 23, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much! I didn't win, but I appreciate your support. ^-^
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